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(Search Engine Optimization)

Good SEO must be done from the very beginning. Whether it's a complex site migration, a site URL restructuring proposal, or even just a single piece of content, optimizers need to be involved from the start to ensure the best results. Too often I get asked, "Can you just do SEO?" with clients who bring us their content for publication.

SEO is like acupuncture and homeopathy - it works even if you don't know how and why
- Tad Chef, SEO 2.0

Do you want to see your site in the top positions on Google and Yandex search engines (Russian, Ukrainian market)? The solution is to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our specialists will help you with this.

How does it work:

We research and analyze the keywords related to your type of business and choose the most relevant ones. We insert the keywords in the site texts (SEO copywriting) and in the specific places of the algorithm.

The first results can be seen on Google Analytics and / or Yandex Metrica after 2-3 months from the start of the procedure (depends on the Google / Yandex robot and the frequency with which it analyzes the site).

It's like trying to bake a cake and stuff the eggs into it at the end. Sure you'll get a cake in the end, but it won't be as good as it's included from the start. SEOs need to be consulted from the start to offer guidance, insight, and search engine knowledge to maximize the potential of any project.

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SEO services necessary to improve the positioning of a website on Google.
How it works?
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Ask for an SEO price for your site. It depends on the amount of pages and languages on the site.
Access to website
Provide Web Space Verona with credentials to access the admin area of your site
To start working, Web Space Verona invoices the customer 50% of the final price of the service
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After receiving the first part of the payment, work on the SEO begins