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Efficiently managing your corporate social media, effectively communicating your message, will improve the relationship with your customers. We create content in different languages for a multilingual audience.



In today's fast-paced and technologically advanced world, digital channels, including social media platforms, have become the primary means by which brands communicate with their customers and potential customers. Over 50 million companies use Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to interact with their target audience, identify sales prospects and not least conduct comprehensive competitive analyzes.
Depending on the operating model (B2B or B2C), customer personality and marketing operational requirements, it is possible to adopt a paid or organic approach to strengthen your online presence across multiple Social Networks. According to a recent survey by The Manifest magazine, nearly 85% of large companies (with over 51 employees) and 92% of small businesses are planning to invest in Social Media. 46% of these companies intend to invest in paid advertising rather than relying on more traditional marketing tactics.
However, managing multiple accounts on social networks can prove to be unproductive or a real hole in the water, especially if you do not have the basic technical know-how and do not have adequate resources able to follow a well-rounded strategy step by step. defined. Because of this, social media marketing automation tools have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, especially among companies that have experienced a 3.1% increase in annual revenue and 53% conversions after their implementation. .
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