Website promotion through Pinterest. Part 2.

Instructions for website promotion through Pinterest.
Follow our recommendations and you will get an additional source of traffic to the site - and free of charge.

·     Create a profile and create an account

Sign up on Pinterest and in your account settings, add an informative description using keywords. Specify a simple and understandable name, upload a high-quality image for the avatar.

Connecting a business account

To use additional features of the service (for example, view statistics), connect a business account in the settings.

Connecting a business account on Pinterest

To do this, create and complete a profile, and then verify ownership of your site (this can be done by adding an HTML tag, HTML file, or DNS TXT record to your domain registrar).

Board decoration

In the name of the boards (remember - these are collections with content) use keywords. Design everything aesthetically and beautifully so that users will want to stay and look at each of your collections.

I do not recommend deleting boards, even if they are no longer relevant. Users can follow them. The best solution would be to rename the board and update the content on it, add new images.

Arrange the boards in order of priority: at the top - the most significant and relevant, at the bottom - less. This is necessary so that the user who finds himself on the page with your boards immediately understands what topic the pins are about.

For example, such boards in the Web Space Verona profile:

Web Space Verona boards on Pinterest

Account promotion

Everything is quite simple here - you need to add new pins on an ongoing basis, preferably every day. If you sell products, add product photos on Pinterest with a link to the site.

Do you have a tattoo studio website? Share photos of tattoos. Keep a blog about cooking - post photos of dishes with links to recipe pages. Do interior design - post photos of projects. In general, it all depends on the scope of your company.

Pinterest Image Recommendations
  • Use vertical images with a 2:3 aspect ratio (for example, 1000×1500 pixels). Other formats may sometimes be clipped.
  • Use images that highlight your product.
  • Avoid abstractions and simply beautiful photos that are not directly related to your brand
  • Add an unobtrusive logo of your brand to all images (but not in the lower right corner) - this will increase brand awareness
  • Place a short text on the pin - this will help to attract the attention of users
  • Use a clear and understandable title (maximum length 100 characters) with description (maximum length 500 characters)

Recommendations for video content
That's right, you can post videos on Pinterest to attract the attention of users.
  • Use concise videos with a clear presentation of your ideas (recommended video length is from 15 seconds to 1 minute, for commercials - from 6 to 15 seconds)
  • Focus on the video itself, not the audio, as many users watch videos without sound. For convenience, you can overlay text on video or subtitles
  • Use a catchy cover to immediately understand what the video is about
  • Add a clear title + video description

Use hashtags to expand your reach. This makes users more likely to see your Pins.
The principle of using hashtags is the same as on Instagram. If you don’t know how to choose labels correctly, our article will become your lifesaver.
An example of using hashtags in a pin description:

Also, for promotion on Pinterest, it is important to use keywords (users search for content on Pinterest by them) - put them in the title and description.

In no case do not forget to include a link to your site in the appropriate field when uploading a Pin. The link must lead to a relevant page (with a product or section related to the Pin topic).

Target action
To push the user to go to the site, you can use the target action in the description, for example, “Order the product via the link”, “Read the blog article”, “See the details on the site”.

Adding a Pin
To add a pin, go to your profile, click on the plus sign on the right and choose what you want to create - a board or a pin.
How to add a pin on pinterest.

Then we upload the image, add a title and description (using keywords), and also provide a link to the site. That's all.

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