Website promotion through Pinterest. Part 1.

Pinterest is a social service where the emphasis is on visual content. Users can search Pinterest for ideas for anything (recipes, style, homeliness, etc.), save pictures (“pins”) to their collections (called “boards”), and create new ones.

In addition, users can post their own images themselves. For each such picture, it is possible to add a description and a link to the site.

Scrolling through your Pinterest feed can get you stuck for long, long hours (as happened to me while writing this article). It's just too much fun, to say the least. Just look at this beauty - such an issue for the request "interior design". Well, it's a fairy tale!

Why you should promote your website on Pinterest?
Let me start with some numbers:
Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users;
A user is 3 times more likely to click on a brand's website link on Pinterest than on any other platform;
80% of users discover a new brand or product on Pinterest every week
More than 25% of hits on Pinterest are related to the search and purchase of goods;
4 out of 10 Pinterest users use the platform to search for brands and their products.
Yes, this service is not as popular as, for example, VK, YouTube or Instagram, but its potential is huge. While few in Russia have seen its promotion opportunities, you can be the first to jump on this wagon and get ahead of your competitors by snatching a good share of the traffic to your site.
Those who use this platform to promote the site note that now it is Pinterest that brings them most of the traffic.
First, Pinterest is great because it helps you drive free traffic to your site. And secondly - which is no less important - according to statistics, the solvent public mainly lives there.
Another argument is that images from Pinterest rank very well in search engines when searching for images.

In addition to helping drive traffic to your site, Pinterest is also a good alternative to crowd marketing. Judge for yourself - links to your site will be placed on a large site that is popular with the audience and trusted by search engines. Plus, users themselves will distribute pins with your links if they like the content. Links are considered by search engines.

Even if your site has nothing to do with visual content (for example, you want to promote a marketing agency website), you can still promote through Pinterest, because you can post various infographics. Users love this content too.

For example, such an issue for the request "SMM":

How Pinterest promotion differs from Instagram promotion.
Instagram is also a social network with an emphasis on visuals, but otherwise they are completely different platforms.
For example, on Instagram you cannot use links (they are not clickable), unlike Pinterest, where you can immediately go to the site and make a purchase. But on Instagram, it is easier for a brand to interact with the public, share information about the company, receive feedback from customers, etc.

In addition, on Instagram, after all, the emphasis is on showing oneself in a favorable light to embellish information, the so-called “splurge”. And on Pinterest, you can just focus on the product / product itself, its image and description. And nothing more.

What topics are suitable for promotion through Pinterest
The most popular search queries are related to the following topics:
  • Home Design/Home Decor
  • Style
  • Beauty 
  • E-commerce
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Travelling
  • Web design

So, if you still decide and want to try this method of promotion, here is an algorithm for you, what and how to do. be continued